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How to choose a high-quality motorcycle service

When choosing a motorcycle service, it is worth considering a number of parameters that depend on the quality of motorcycle repair and the duration of its further operation without breakdowns, and the price for services. We have analyzed and selected for you the factors that are worth paying attention to:

The first important criterion will be the location of the service, because it is unlikely that you will want to transport a motorcycle to another city for service, especially if it is not running. The exception may be specialized custom workshops, because only such workshops should order the creation of a custom bike, so that this business is handled with taste by professionals. For simple maintenance, other workshops in your city are suitable. Large regions of Portugal are available for selection, they are at the top of the page in filter. Have you chosen a region? Next on the list:

  • Read the reviews about moto service to choose the best options for yourself. Here you will be able to find out how other users evaluate the professionalism of employees of various service stations, and what shortcomings they found in their work.
  • Location – how close it is to your house or garage where the motorcycle is parked. In the event of a breakdown, this will allow you to get it to a motorcycle repair service faster.
  • Ask the staff if they have the modern equipment needed to repair complex components.
  • Ask are there parts and components necessary for repair in the warehouse of the service station? If you can buy them directly from them at a normal price – this is a big plus.
  • It is desirable if there is a waiting area where customers can comfortably sit on soft furniture, have a snack and watch TV.
  • At motorcycle service stations with a high reputation usually monitor the cleanliness of the working and customer areas.

When choosing a motorcycle service, you should not chase high cost of services and turn to dubious services, as poor-quality repairs or parts can significantly reduce the life of a motorcycle without breakdowns.

What services are usually provided:

  • Engine repair. This includes diagnosing its operation and troubleshooting. After diagnosis, the engine is removed and its repair or replacement of components is carried out. After the repair, the master adjusts and tests the engine, makes a compression measurement.
  • Partial or full maintenance of motorcycles, scooters, ATVs. This can be: changing oil and other fluids (brake, coolant), changing the air filter, candles, etc. If necessary – washing and cleaning the gas tank.
  • Repair of the chassis. In motoservice, you can get a full range of services for changing wheels, adjusting running, steering and drive systems. If insufficient depreciation is found – shock absorbers are repaired, replaced or adjusted to make motorcycle rides as comfortable as possible.
  • Braking system maintenance. Diagnostics, repair/replacement of individual parts or complete brake repair are carried out. The brake oil level is also checked and, if necessary, replaced.
  • Plastic repair. In the event of a road accident and getting hit, at a motorcycle service station you can repair the metal and plastic elements of the body and fasteners of the motorcycle by welding.  When working with metal parts, electric arc, argon arc or semi-automatic welding can be used. After repairing the frame, it will be painted in an identical color.
  • Tuning. For the desire to "pump" your "iron horse" you can order the installation of brake and exhaust systems, body lighting, xenon headlights, music installation, etc. innovation.

If you need to diagnose or repair a motorcycle after an accident, replace spare parts or purchase consumables, you will find a list of motorcycle services in Portugal and you will be able to choose the most suitable for you in terms of all parameters.