Motorcycle organizations and clubs of Portugal

Motorcycle Clubs: History, Hierarchy and Biker Culture

The first motorcycle club was founded in 1903 in Yonkers, New York, this club was named Yonkers MC. Since then biker clubs have changed significantly, they are divided into several categories, each of which has its own structure and characteristics of behavior.

Hierarchy of Motorcycle Clubs

From the first club, biker associations have a clear hierarchical structure, and each member – his duties. The club has a prezident and his deputy, head of the security service of the motorcycle club, responsible for the route during trips.

Each full member of the association is called a "member". There are also potential candidates for membership – "prospects" and "supports" - those who support the motorcycle club and plan to become a part of it in the future.

Equipment and Symbolism

The outer equipment of bikers has a lot in common with the military past of the founders of motorcycle clubs. Usually it is a denim or leather vest, a cropped version of a jacket with cut-off sleeves, which looks very similar to an Air Force pilot's jacket. This is a necessary detail of the image of a biker. There are additional attributes that can be worn at will: spikes, chains, scary tattoos.

Club Emblem

The emblem ("Flowers" of the motorcycle club) is sewn on the back – usually on denim or leather vests, which are worn over the coat, but sometimes they can also be sewn on a jacket. The emblem shows which club the biker belongs to and consists of 3 parts.

In the upper part of the patches, the name of the biker club is indicated, in the lower part – country or city in which the club is founded, in the center – logo and status of the club. On the chest, bikers wear stripes, with the same information as on the back, indicating the status of the owner of the vest. In some clubs, such stripes are also made on the sleeve of the jacket.

Signature "MS" indicates that the motorcycle club belongs to the category of "MS" clubs ("Motorcycle Club"). There are other formations of biker clubs, for example, "MG" or «MCC».

Motorcycle Club as a Single Family

Despite the fact that there is a strict hierarchy in such associations, a family atmosphere is often found here. In many clubs, relationships are built on complete trust and mutual benefit. Bikers support each other and are always ready to help. Bikers are seen quite often. For this, there are special club days when they can meet, chat and plan trips and events.

The Role of Motorcycle Clubs in Society

Motorcycle clubs also play an important role in society. They organize charitable events, support social initiatives, and work towards breaking stereotypes about bikers. They actively engage with the community and contribute to the development of motorcycle culture.

In the modern world, motorcycle clubs continue to evolve and adapt. They utilize social media and the internet for communication and coordination, organize online events and virtual rides. This allows them to attract new members and expand their activities beyond geographical limitations.

Why Join a Motorcycle Club?

Joining a motorcycle club provides the opportunity to experience the spirit of biker freedom and become a part of this unique culture. Enjoy rides, socialize with like-minded individuals, and participate in biker events to fully immerse yourself in the world of motorcycles and the biker lifestyle. We have prepared a selection of motorcycle clubs where you can join and embrace the allure of biker freedom. These clubs offer the chance to meet fellow riders, enjoy rides, and participate in various biker events. Make your biker dream a reality and become a part of this extraordinary culture.