Professional Portuguese motorcycle schools - selection and comparison

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How to choose the right motorcycle school?

We faced a choice, how to choose the right motorcycle school, in order not only to get category A licenses, but and learn to confidently drive a motorcycle in street conditions? Our portal will help you in this matter.

We know that when choosing a motorcycle school, you may encounter pitfalls that no one will inform you about in advance. And in during the process, this will result in an inflated cost of education and difficulties in passing the traffic police exam and in life. We will tell you what to pay attention to and how to choose a motorcycle school, where you will get a maximum of useful skills for an acceptable price.

The first step in choosing a motorcycle school conveniently is to choose the necessary city or region, because it will be more convenient for every person to go to courses and practice at a motorcycle school, which will be closer to home or at least in your city. For this, we made a convenient filter by districts, which will allow you to filter out motorcycle schools that are very far away. Large regions of Portugal are available for selection, for example, "North", "Center", "Lisbon", "Alentejo", "Algarve", "Azores", "Madeira" and others - all cities are at the top of the page. Have you chosen your area? Let's go further!

So, what factors should be taken into account when choosing?

The square

Its length should be at least 80 meters. Asphalted playgrounds of a large area, where there are no obstacles in the form of pillars, walls, etc., And suitable for classes. They are used to learn to drive safely and efficiently. Here you can practice on light and heavy motorcycles, practice high-speed and complex exercises and prepare well for the traffic police exam. it is necessary to pass a high-speed exercise for a length of 80 meters in 35 seconds. Naturally, it cannot be worked out in classes in a small karting center, parking lot or warehouse. And it will not be possible to prepare for the exam normally. Therefore, be sure to ask about the dimensions of the site – if its length is less than 80 meters, it will not suit you.


Classes should be held only in full protective equipment. If you are told at the motorcycle school that the driving speed is not high and there is no need for equipment, there is nothing to do here. In the professional motorcycle school, you will receive a complete set of equipment: motorcycle boots, motorcycle jacket, knee pads, helmet, gloves, helmet pads.

Many motorcycle schools neglect this factor, justifying it by low speed. But no one is immune from mistakes even if you value your health. it is important that you are provided with motorcycle equipment.

Training programs

Training should include mastering all the essential skills for riding the chosen type of motorcycle. It does not matter how many hours the student skated. What he learned is important. Yes, you can ride a light motorcycle for 18 hours and get an 'A' category, but indicates a low level of skill and miss a number of exercises that are important when entering the city. Will all types of motorcycles (at least some), students will be able to acquire universal driving skills. To pass the exam for category 'A' a light 250cc motorcycle might be used. Usually after that, many switch to heavy motorcycles. But they are very different!

That's why it's important to train on both light and heavy bikes to understand how they ride, brake, maneuver and accelerate.

Fair prices

The initial tuition fee should include all possible surcharges. Usually, the sites indicate favorable prices, various discounts and promotions, unique conditions. But in reality, it may turn out that you will have to pay extra for providing a motorcycle for the exam, for gasoline, preparation of documents on the completion of studies and other things, which by default should be included in the initially agreed price.

In conclusion

These are the main criteria how to choose a motorcycle school. We do not recommend you to make hasty decisions. First, consider the motorcycle schools presented by us, call them, find out everything that was said above. Visit their training site in person and observe the training process, and only after making sure that it suits you, sign up for classes!