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Motorcycle tow trucks

Many people know what a car tow truck is, but not everyone knows for which situations you need to order a motorcycle tow truck and what criteria should be followed when selecting it. The recommendations below will help you in this matter.

In what situations is this service needed?

  • If you need to deliver a motorcycle to a motorcycle showroom or exhibition, keeping its presentable appearance.
  • Delivery to the competition facility, especially if it is done over long distances.
  • In the event of a motorcycle breakdown on the road.
  • Several motorcycles must be transported at once.
  • In the event of a road accident – the motorcycle evacuation company can not only carry out its transportation, but often also undertakes the preparation of documentation for insurance companies.
  • When a motorbike is bought in the winter season and there is no way to get to the desired place on your own due to bad weather conditions.

You can order a motorized tow truck by phone, specifying your address and phone number.  The dispatcher will accept your order and may ask you to prepare documents confirming ownership of the vehicle. If this is a planned evacuation – the order can be placed online through the feedback form.

How to choose a motorcycle tow truck

It is important that the motorcycle tow truck service has extensive experience in this field and offers quality services. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Type of tow truck. There are tow trucks of open and closed type. If the equipment will be transported over long distances, it is advisable to protect it from dirt, dust and precipitation. If you need to transport several motorcycles over short distances, you can choose a motorcycle tow truck.
  • Equipment. Such tow trucks must have special fasteners, which ensure reliable fixation of the equipment in a vertical position.
  • Working time. Often evacuations are unplanned, so many companies operate 24/7.
  • Cost. A company that provides a motorcycle tow truck is quite a lot. Make several calls and you will find the best option.
  • Expedience. In case of urgent delivery, ask the carrier how long it will take to transport to the specified location.

Also pay attention to whether you can order additional insurance. This is important, because in this way, the integrity and marketability of the motorcycle can be preserved. And this is the main indicator that the company is confident in its services.